HasGeek presents

CSS for the soul

March 16th and 17th (Sat-Sun) 2013, Bangalore

An intensive 2 day workshop on the language, the tools and ecosystem, and best practices.

The modern web developer is constantly learning. With the mainstream adoption of CSS3, the availability of quality frameworks, and better tooling for developers, a lot of options have opened up for greater aesthetic expression. If you have basic-intermediate experience with CSS (say, about a year or more), come to this 2 day workshop and learn about the landscape, the new additions to the language, tools and frameworks, and how to develop professional web pages.

Sunil Pai

Sunil Pai has been a professional front end developer for 8 years. He's cut his teeth on developing webapps and sites for startups, design firms, the government, open source, and corporates. He's also a regular speaker at HasGeek events, and chaired the programme committee for JSFoo 2012. He currently runs his own firm, and thinks the world would be a better place if we accepted the Postel Principle as common law.

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Day One


  • Setup laptops with environments and tools.
  • From mockup to code: How to convert a design to a web page.
  • Project kickoff

CSS everywhere

A look at writing responsive CSS for phones, tablets, IE, webapps - the works! We'll have a look at responsive design and media queries, flex(), retina displays, and other crossbrowser strategies.

Tooling and Frameworks

  • The Scene: A look at tools and libraries available to the modern CSS developer.
  • LESS: An extensive look at LESS, a popular dynamic CSS language. (site)
  • Bootstrap: A deep dive into Twitter's Bootstrap, another popular CSS framework. (site)

Design. Develop. Deploy.

  • Object Oriented vs Semantic CSS: A look at two schools of thought on how to write and consume CSS.
  • How to make a styleguide, and collaborate in a team.
  • How to compile, optimize, and deploy code to a server.
  • Bonus: How to work with CDNs.

Day Two


  • Basics: A quick primer on the basics of animating CSS elements
  • JS + CSS: Scripting custom animations for UI, games, etc. We'll have a look at tweening, easing equations, common animation patterns in web pages, and have some fun with the <canvas> element.
  • Libraries: Popular JS/CSS Animation libraries, and how to use them in your next project.


  • The basics of writing performant crossbrowser CSS.
  • Tools: to measure CSS performance.
  • Like butter: Strategies for smoother web pages (incl. hardware acceleration, transitions and transforms, etc)

The new stuff

The "What's new?" section. We'll have a look at the new CSS3 attributes, upcoming changes in the spec, and how we can leverage some of the new HTML5/CSS3 features in current applications. This includes CSS filters, shims/polyfills, and degradation strategies.


  • A recap of everything we covered.
  • Project: wrap up our project and see how it all fit together.


(After you register, Sunil will mail out links to software that you might need to install on your laptop.)

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The workshop will be held at the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS), Bangalore. The congenial atmosphere at CIS facilitates both formal and informal interactions, and peer-to-peer learning.